BOBBY’S HOUSE PARTIES are the purest, most intimate presentation of his songs he has to offer.

NO MICS – NO PA – NO STAGE- just Bobby, his songs, his voice, his beat up red and yellow guitar and  a tambourine beneath his foot.  AND sometimes his background singer Carey Kotsionis.

Buying a ticket gets you and on a list in the hands of the house party host- your name will be checked off as you arrive so we know when everyone is there. If you buy more than one ticket the tickets will be listed under your email address and the list will tell us how many tickets you bought.  The day before the show the address of the event will be emailed to you. ALL SHOWS ARE BYOB- you can begin to arrive at 7:30pm, singing will begin at 8pm and will be over by 10:30pm. There is a limited amount of tickets available, between 30-50, and when the tickets are sold out then THE EVENT IS SOLD OUT- there are no tickets available at the door and the tickets are not usually available the day of the show (most shows sell out a week before the performance).  If there are not at least 25 tickets sold 1 week before the performance the show will be canceled- but this never happens – if your plans change you can get a refund if you send an email to 48  hours before show and you can change the name on the tickets if you send an email to  

If you see that Bobby is looking to play houseparties in your area and you wish to be the host of the party (must have a quiet room that would fit 30-50 people, have cool neighbors, and have easy parking access) send an email to  

SOME PEOPLE DON’T WANT STRANGERS IN THEIR HOUSE and choose to buy the house party as a private event. These people usually get a group of friends to all pitch in on the costs.  Bobby has done birthdays, holidays, and weddings.  The cost can be in the range of $700-2000 depending on how much travel is involved and how much work Bobby has to turn down to make the gig happpen.  If you would like Carey Kotsionis to join Bobby it will cost a little more. If you wish to make an offer send an email to